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Atlas Equine Massager HIRE
Atlas Equine Massager HIRE

Atlas Equine Massager HIRE

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Want to try out an Atlas before you buy? Or just a treat for your horse or pony? 

About the Atlas;

Using vibration therapy, it works to release tension, increase blood flow, and relax the horse. The Atlas/Poll, TMJ, and Hyoid are common problem areas in many horses and have a huge impact on the rest of the body, not to mention the mind.

Tension in these areas can show up as headaches and spooking, heavy in the hand and resistant to the bit, unbalanced and poor proprioception. 

Simply place ergonomic massager behind the horses' ears and attach to the halter points for up to 15 minutes before or after you ride or even on those days off. 

Unsure what if your horse has released? Releases are shown in many different ways and every horse is different. Releases can include; 

* Yawning
* Licking & Chewing
* Shaking of the head 
* Sneezing & Snorting
* Fidgeting 

Details of hire 

Length of hire - 14 days from date received, after which the Atlas MUST be returned in the same condition it was received in. Non return will be treated as theft. 

Return postage - Atlas will be sent with a return postage label, this is prepaid and all you will need to do is package and drop to your local post office. 

Damage - Any damage occurred to the Atlas is at the cost of the person hiring and should be reported ASAP. 

The Atlas will be cleaned and disinfected between hires for sanitary reasons. 


Using the Atlas - 

Do not tie your horse up during your atlas sessions to allow for the horse to be comfortable and move as needed. 

If your horse is nervous, I suggest starting the Atlas further down the neck before attaching, allowing them to feel the sensation in an easier to manage place. 
To attach the Atlas to the halter, clip the longer strap to the buckles on the side of the nose. The shorter straps attach to the throat latch rings. The Atlas has adjustable sliders for the perfect fit. Start with the softer mode and let

The Atlas only needs to be used for up to 15 minutes, some horses may tolerate less. It is vital to pay attention to your horses body language to know when they are ready. 

Love the Atlas and want to purchase your own? Check out the Atlas website HERE

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