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BetaVet Buildabone

BetaVet Buildabone

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BUILDABONE provides nutritional support for bone growth and bone turnover, mineral deposition and maturation for superior bone strength, particularly in growing young stock.

BUILDABONE is a revolutionary safe, natural marine neutraceutical supplement for horses. Derived from unique calcareous marine algae ( Lithothamnion), BUILDABONE has several vital properties including maximised calcium retention increasing bone strength and supplying a highly bioavailable mineral source. BUILDABONE provides nutritional support for bone growth and bone turnover, mineral deposition and maturation leading to superior bone strength in growing young stock.

BUILDABONE’s unique natural honeycomb structure provides a surface area in excess of 10 square metres per gram. This porous structure allows the digestive system to break it down slowly, releasing valuable bioavailable minerals over an extended period of time for uptake by the skeletal tissue. The improved formulation includes the addition of Biotin to improve hoof quality, Vit D3, Vit K3 for bone health and Fibrulose (FOS) Prebiotic.

Chelated Copper, Zinc and Manganese – These trace minerals have been added because of their recognised role on bone mineralization and bone development.

Magnesium, Silicon and Strontium –  A natural bioavialable source of these minerals nutritionally promote bone turnover and strength.

BuildaBone benefits

  • Maximised calcium retention and bone strength.
  • Highly bioavailable mineral source including calcium magnesium copper zinc and manganese.
  • Unique honeycomb structure ensuring slow release of minerals.
  • Improved appetite, gut and intestinal health including the hind gut.
  • With its high calcium content and unique sponge-like structure, BuildaBone has up to 2.5x the
    buffering capacity of other supplements on the market.
  • Contains prebiotic FOS ( fructooligosaccharides) for optimal gut flora.
  • Helps maintain condition

Feeding rate (split between two feeds)

  • Foals/Yearlings 25-50gm
    • Loading rate: 50 gm for 10 days post surgery or injury recovery
  • Pregnant mares 50-100gm
  • Lactating mares 50-100gm
  • Horses in work 50-100gm
    • Loading rate: 100 gm for 10 days post surgery or injury recovery

Each 50gm serve provides:

  • Lithothamnium ( marine algae) 36.36gm
  • Magnesium aspartate (1350mg elemental Mg)
  • Fibrulose (4650mg of dietary fibre and fructooligosaccharide FOS)
  • Biotin 25mg
  • Vit D3 60mg (6000iu)
  • Vit K3 38.7mg
  • Zinc glycinate 200mg (elemental zinc 52mg)
  • Copper 30mg
  • Manganese 50.4mg