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CoolGroom sports towel - Single

CoolGroom sports towel - Single

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The perfect grooming partner! CoolGroom Sports Towel can do hundreds of jobs around the stable from drying & grooming your horse and tack to keeping you cool and refreshed in the heat. You can wash with it, use it for slicking coats after a Hot Oil treatment or spray, remove excess shedding hair, dry coats, manes & tails ultra fast, makes a fantastic no drip sponge to remove sweat, hair and dirt when there is no time to wash, the list is endless. CoolGroom is a brilliant show day tool as well, zero lint makes it perfect to touch up saddle/gear/sweat marks, smooth coats etc.

So versatile, this amazing towel has many advantages over traditional cotton & microfibere woven materials, number one being that dirt, hair, grass, burrs etc. do not embed in the towel…so important when using material around horses and pets! CoolGroom is ULTRA soft, far softer than regular towels making it perfect for use around delicate areas of the horse and even fussy, difficult horses that hate their eyes, ears & muzzles cleaned really love the feel!

Save space in the tack box especially when travelling and reduce the washing load. CoolGroom Sport Towel is a premium quality synthetic (PVA) non -woven towel with an extra tough mesh core that has been treated with Anti-Bacterial coating and a special mould inhibitor. With proper care this towel is exceptionally durable and will have a very long & useable lifespan.

CoolGroom towel can absorb 10x its own weight in water and stays up to 10 degrees cooler than ambient temperature making it incredibly refreshing for both horse and rider on hot summer days. The towel can also be used as an emergency cool wrap for injuries or bites/stings etc when you have no access to ice.

The CoolGroom towel is packaged in a tough zip lock bag which you can use to store up to 4 towels and keep them soft and pliable.

How to Care & Store your CoolGroom Towel…

You can give it a quick wash with some detergent and rinse then store or you can pop it in the washing machine.
If not using for a week or so, rinse and hang it up so it dries out completely.

It will stiffen like a chamois when not in use, simply dunk in water when needed again and your CoolGroom Towel will be just like new.