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Elite Equine Compete SF

Elite Equine Compete SF

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The same wonderful Compete but without the selenium!



 Compete is total system support for hard working horses, or even horses that need a bit more condition, strength, or help from recovering from illness.

Compete offers everything your horse needs on a daily basis for optimum health and it is unnecessary to feed any other mineral or probiotic supplements.  

Compete is 100% organic and helps condition and produce a high shine that makes it a favorite amongst showing competitors! 


Feeding Compete can help protect your horse from laminitis, mud fever, rain scald, photo sensitivity, warts, sarcoid,  some forms of colic, cellulitis and other issues from a nutritional angle. It can help prolong your horses competitive life.

 Great value! Compete contains 7 organic supplements for not much more than what you might be paying for organic magnesium on its own!

 Customers routinely tell us when feeding Compete,  Mega Build or Breed & Grow that their feed bill typically halves, and over time, even more. The reason for this is that the horse's digestion becomes more and more efficient, and with optimum health, they are able to get more out of the feed you put in.

Other benefits are darker, finer coats, and horses tend to lose their winter coats earlier. Some horses when receiving Compete for the first time during mid winter will shed their coats almost straight away. Skin and hoof quality is improved and horses shine even in winter.



1 Trace minerals all in organic proteinate form.

2  Organic magnesium proteinate supplement

3  Organic Selenium Supplement

4  Pro Biotic for optimum digestion

5  Immune Boost

6  Bio Chrome for muscle building

7 Hooves and Coat Support - High Shine

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