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Elite Equine Everyday Elite

Elite Equine Everyday Elite

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EVERY-DAY ELITE contains exclusively organic chelated trace minerals designed to optimally mineralize your horse with a simple 20gm daily dose!
Feeding highly bioavailable chelated minerals means dosing less and absorbing more for better results! 
No more having to feed half a cup of powder that your horse won’t eat or reducing the dose to make it more palatable. No more deficient horses either! At 20gm a day it’s easy to boost to raise levels and horses love it! 
Every Day Elite comes in several sizes to suit every customer.

It is a low volume dose so be sure to take the daily dose size into consideration when comparing prices and pack sizes with other products!
Elite Every-Day comes in 600g (1 month), 1.8kg (3 months), 3.2kg and 6.4kg foil bags.

Organic Plus is formulated with proteinate organic minerals and contains higher levels of organic magnesium. While Elite Every-Day also contains organic magnesium, it is at 'general health' levels rather than "magnesium supplement" levels. If you are after a prodcut with an organic magnesium supplement included then Organic Plus or Compete are best for you. 

Why don't we include vitamins in our formulations? Because horses can synthesize vitamins in their bodies and absorb what is needed from fresh feed and pasture. Vitamins are freshly generated substances that do not store well. The only vitamins horses cannot supply themselves are vitamins A & E but both these vitamins are plentiful in pasture and hay. Minerals are either in the ground or not, and cannot be synthesized. Mineral deficiencies influence the absorbtion of other minerals, vitamins, and effect health, soundness, productivity and performance. 
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