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GeeGee Collective Express Grooming Kit

GeeGee Collective Express Grooming Kit

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Express Grooming Kit

It's time to revitalise your horses neglected coat and give it back that shine that you always wanted without spending big money!

GeeGee COLLECTIVE are an exclusive artisan equine grooming brand with a focus on natural and plastic free professional tools.  

This kit contains; 

Scruff Brush contains 100% natural bristles from the agave plant. Its long flexible bristles go to work removing dead hair and debris from the surface. It's thick dense bristles sweep up the dead hair from the coat by trapping it within the tips of the bristles. 

Supreme Brush contains 100% natural bristles made from horse hair. Its short and tightly packed bristles provide a firm surface area to shift dust and debris. can be used as an all purpose brush on any coat type, and maneuvered it a sweeping action to flick off loose hair.

Softie Brush contains 100% natural bristles on the outer edge, and a soft dense centre made from Goat hair. This is a gentle and flexible brush that can used around sensitive areas of the face, poll and ears. Its soft goat hair centre has has a buffing and smoothing effect leaving the coat soft and shiny. 

Ergonomic Hoof Pick has been constructed in an ergonomic design so it sits comfortably in your hand. Its long flexible bristles brush debris from the frog. Made from beechwood with a leather strap. 

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