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Nettex Hoof Tar

Nettex Hoof Tar

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Nettex Hoof Tar is a traditional, weather resistant, sanitiser with a water resistant barrier action to help protect hooves to maintain a healthy sole and frog.

Nettex Hoof Tar is an easy-to-use aerosol spray. It is a simpler, more effective version of Stockholm Tar, with less mess and less waste. Nettex Hoof Tar produces a barrier to protect the sole of the hoof.

  • Sanitising properties.
  • Maintains a healthy sole and frog, and is ideal to be used after minor wounds.
  • Water resistant, yet breathable.
  • Produces a film that prevents the re-entry of dirt.
  • Keeps the sole of the hoof healthy all year round.
  • Nettex Hoof Tar is part of your essential hoof management regime to maintain healthy, trouble free feet.

Made in the UK.