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Neue Schule Trans Angled Eggbutt

Neue Schule Trans Angled Eggbutt

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About the Bit
Do you need something to help promote a true and consistent contact? Have a young horse that needs some help with lateral work and straightness?
The Neue Schule Trans Angled Eggbutt gives stability within the mouth, boosting the horse's confidence to seek the bit. This bit is very beneficial for short, tense necks and excellent for directional control and no loss in feel unlike other fixed cheeks (ie. the horse will not fix against the hand). This bit can benefit a horse that is inconsistent with the contact or that tends to sit behind the contact rather than take the bit forward. The Eggbutt cheeks can also help a rider with unsteady hands by smoothing out some of the bumps and wobbles in the aids to the horse.

This bit will help with

  • Sucking behind the contact

  • Inconsistent in the contact

  • Steering and Straightness

  • Keeping the bit still in the horse’s mouth due to unsteady hands

  • Encouraging bit acceptance

  • Bit sliding through the mouth

NOT recommended for

  • Horses that get strong or lean

  • Horses that are sensitive to tongue pressure

Cheek piece 
An Eggbutt keeps the bit still and steady in the horse’s mouth giving the horse a more stable and constant feel.
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