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NTR Wash Bag

NTR Wash Bag

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The NTR Wash Bag is a must have for anyone who washes rugs, boots, saddle pads, bandages, girths and more!
Protect your washing machine from being clogged and blocked with hair as well as help prevent damage to your machine from buckles and clips.
Perfect for those who use their house machine or have a rug machine – hair blocking the filter does the same damage to any machine!
Water freely flows through the bag to clean your items, but traps any hair. Once washed, simply hang up items to dry, turn bag inside out and shake to remove hair.
Also perfect for washing other pet blankets, rugs, beds etc.

You can also use the bag to store dirty laundry in until you’re ready to wash it.

80cm by 70cm with a top quality YKK zip. The elastic zipper storage prevents the bag opening during the wash.

Before first use pre-wash the bag at 60 degrees C.