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Paetai Cottage Soothe 'n' Shine Bombs

Paetai Cottage Soothe 'n' Shine Bombs

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Introducing the Paetai Cottage Equine Soothe & Shine Bombs, your go-to solution for simplifying your horse's grooming routine.

These innovative bombs are carefully crafted to offer a dual benefit for your beloved equine companion: soothing sore muscles and enhancing their coat's shine and condition. Packed with natural plant oils, hydrolyzed silk protein, and provitamin B5, these bombs promise to transform your horse's coat into a lustrous and soft masterpiece. Plus, they contain magnesium to provide relief for those tired muscles after a day's work.

What sets these bombs apart is their sheer simplicity. No more tedious measuring or guesswork. Just drop a bomb into one-third of a bucket filled with warm water, watch it dissolve, and then sponge it onto your horse after a refreshing bath or hose-down. Alternatively, for a quick and easy daily grooming spray, dissolve the bomb in water and transfer the mixture to a spray bottle. It fizzes just like a bath bomb, so remember not to put it directly into your spray bottle!

The convenience of these bombs knows no bounds, and you can even use them as a quarter-marking spray.

Paetai Cottage Equine Soothe & Shine Bombs are your equine grooming game-changer, offering a stress-free and effective way to pamper your horse while enjoying the remarkable results.

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