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The Honey Trap Whitening Wash Bar Twin Pack

The Honey Trap Whitening Wash Bar Twin Pack

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Whitening Twin Pack Wash Bars with Sisal Bag—a dynamic duo designed to bring out the brilliance in your horse's coat. This twin pack combines the power of our Bright White Wash Bar and Glow White purple toning wash bar, ensuring your horse looks whiter and brighter than ever.

Key Features:

  1. Dynamic Whitening Duo: The twin pack includes our Whitening Soap and Purple Toning Soap, working together to achieve a show-ready brilliance. Say goodbye to stains and hello to a vibrant and lustrous coat.

  2. Natural Ingredients: Our Wash Bars are free from nasties, for a gentle and effective cleaning experience. Pamper your horse with the goodness of nature, ensuring a wholesome grooming routine.

  3. Bright White Stain-Removing Wash Bar: Start with the Whitening Wash Bar to effectively remove stains and brighten your horse's coat. Experience the power of natural ingredients in a wash bar that's tough on stains but gentle on your horse's skin.

  4. Glow White Toning Purple Soap: Follow up with the Purple Toning Wash Bar as a toner for a finishing touch. Enhance the whiteness and brightness of the coat while providing additional care for a radiant appearance.

  5. Sisal Washbag Included: Each twin pack comes with a sisal washbag for convenient and eco-friendly storage. The sisal bag adds an extra touch of sustainability to your grooming routine.

  6. Weighty Bars for Lasting Use: Each bar weighs 130gm, providing a total of 260gm of soap in the twin pack. Enjoy long-lasting use and remarkable results with our carefully crafted wash bars.

Usage Instructions: Begin by using the Whitening Soap to remove stains and brighten the coat. Follow up with the Purple Toning Soap to enhance whiteness and provide a finishing touch. Both bars can be conveniently stored and used with the included sisal washbag.

Note that our Whitening Twin Pack Wash Bars are also available for individual purchase. Explore our other products for additional grooming essentials.

Choose our Whitening Twin Pack Wash Bars with Sisal Bag for a complete and effective grooming solution that brings out the best in your horse's coat. Elevate your grooming routine with the power of natural ingredients and the convenience of a sisal washbag, ensuring your horse looks and feels its best.

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