Bit Fitting - What and Why?

Bit Fitting - What and Why?

Bit fitting is by no means a new skill or service. It has been around for years but in the last few years has become more of an acknowledged service. Much like when saddle fitting first became 'mainstream' (maybe bridle fitting is next?) 

Bit fitting is by no means a cure for all, it is simply the last piece of a puzzle you are putting together in having a comfortable and enjoyable horse. 

What is bit fitting? 

Bit fitting is a multi staged assessment of the following things;

  • The horses mouth conformation - this will enable us to decide which bits will fit more comfortably and what actions the horse may prefer. 
  • It's way of going in the current bit in a ridden assessment - This helps us to see any grievances the horse may have with it's current bit as well as the horses way of going. 
  • Your fitter may also make adjustments to your bridle fit to help your bit fit more comfortably. 
  • Performance related issues and future plans for the horse. Your bit fitter will then offer some bits to try that they think are suitable for your horses needs.
This may be repeated a few times if necessary. 


Why should you book a bit fitting? 

A bit fitting is a good idea if you have a horse who is fussy in the contact, playing with it's tongue, avoiding contact all together or you just aren't sure which bit to use. If you are having control issues when jumping or looking to step up in your bitting but aren't sure where to start. I even have clients that book to make sure their horse is comfortable!

When should you book a fitting? 

I always encourage clients to book a fitting after they have crossed off other issues (i.e Saddle fit, body pain, hoof balance) Your horse also needs to be up to date with it's dental work for a fitting to have a good chance of success. 

How do I find a fitter? 

There are many bit fitters located throughout NZ. Word of mouth is always a good way to find the right person for you. Your bit fitter will carry a wide range of bits to be able to fit your horse with the correct one for their needs. If you are unsure, your local equine community should be able to help you out. Or feel free to get in touch.

About me;

I am a Bit Bank Australia accredited fitter, what this means is I have not only have access to an incredible range of bits, but the support and knowledge of some other amazing fitters AND I am able to offer clients a discount on bits purchased through Bit Bank AU. I cover the Waikato area and you are also able to bring your horse to me for fitting. 
I carry bits from multiple brands including Neue Schule, Bomber & Fager.

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