Bit Fitting

Southridge Equine are proud to be able to offer Bit Fitting services to our clients. 

With over 20 years riding experience, a natural interest in bitting and bit mechanics, Jenn was excited to complete a bit fitting accreditation course and now not only offer bit fitting, but also more in depth bitting advice to clients. I am excited to be able to help you improve your horses in any way I can. 

Bitting your horse correctly is key to not only your horses comfort but to successful performance. As a rider bitting your horse can be frustrating and confusing at times, especially if you are unsure on what to look for, that is where a bit fitter comes in. 

If you cannot find or afford a local fitter, we offer online consults. These require comprehensive information from you in order to offer the best information we can. 

What to expect from a Bit Fitting; 

  1. I will assess your current bridle set up, check your horses mouth conformation, the bit you are using and discuss any issues you may be having. 
  2. Followed by a short ridden session in your current bit. This is to allow me to assess your horse for myself and make a shortlist of suitable bits. 
  3. Discuss bits that I think will suit, followed by a short trial of the top one or two to further assess. If you are happy with those bits then you will receive a two week trial. 

    I carry a range of bits from a range of quality brands, including Fager, Neue Schule, & Bomber. 
  • Cost for a bit fitting is $110 per horse including gst.
  • Fittings are approximately an hour.
  • Travel may be charged depending on the location and number of horses. 
  • Cancellations made with less than 48 hours notice will incur a 50% fee.

I cover the Waikato area

To book a fitting please email