Bits Every Tackroom Needs

Many equestrians have multiple horses, if not they have a tendency to own multiple items of tack. Whether you are a professional or not, these are the bits that are handy to have in every tackroom! 

These are in no particular order, just bits that I think are very useful. 

1. Fager John; I love this bit for a huge range of horses but it is particularly useful when horses are just starting under saddle, or new to their owners. It's a fantastic starting point for figuring out what a horse likes and dislikes in a bit. If I were to specify a cheek piece it would be the baby fulmer. 

2. Neue Schule Verbindend; An incredibly popular bit for horses that can be weird about bitting, horses that are prone to being heavy but still need a dressage legal bit and especially horses who can get their tongue over the bit but don't like a ported bit. 

3. Bombers Ultra Comfy Lock Up; This one is especially for the retrainers! One of the most universally accepted bits that still offers stability as well as a more even pressure over the tongue and bars. 

4. Fager Claudia / Carl; Fantastic for horses that are fussy about bits or need some confidence from their bit. It offers a consistent contact across the bit. The perfect shape for horses that have big tongues and not a lot of room for a bit. 

5. Bombers Happy Tongue; Great for tongue sensitive horses who need that relief. Particularly those with tongue evasions such as lifting the tongue over the bit, sticking it out the side or sucking it back. A bit that's enjoyed by a wide range of horses! 

These bits are available in a range of cheek pieces to suit most horses, when choosing yours take into account the type of horses you have in your stable. Young and green horses generally take confidence from bit stability and cheeked bits. Horses with inexperienced riders take comfort from fixed ring bits. 

Don't forget we also offer trial bits and bitting advice if you aren't sure or get stuck! 

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