Bits for Thoroughbreds

Bits for Thoroughbreds

The humble TB, a popular choice as a sport horse and pleasure horse for many NZ riders. Whether you are aiming for Badminton or a trot around the paddock there is a bitting solution for your track star. 

Generically speaking, thoroughbreds prefer a bit with less tongue action and ALOT of stability. So here's my picks - 

1. Bomber Happy Tongue; It's curved and ported to sit neatly over the tongue, and thicker at the ends to ease pressure on the lips. The Happy Tongue is available in a range of cheek pieces to suit every preference.
Ideal for horses just starting their journey off the track. 

2. Fager Gustav; This is a fantastic bit as it is able to be used two ways, suiting a variety of horses. It offers tongue relief or bar relief and has been a huge hit with many thoroughbreds. Gustav is available in a range of rings, if you aren't sure where to start the fixed ring is your best option. 

3. Neue Schule Verbindend; One of my favorites. The Verbindend works primarily on the bars of the mouth and very little on the tongue. I love this bit for stronger horses and horses that use their tongue to evade the bit. Ideal for leaners who still need a dressage legal bit. Available in a range of cheek pieces. 

4. Fager Oscar; This titanium wonder bit is lightweight, a double jointed front locking snaffle, Oscar has a larger than usual lozenge which disperses pressure over the tongue. Horses love the lightweight stability that is offered with this bit.
Oscar is available in loose and fixed ring. 

5. Bombers Ultra Comfy Lock Up; Have I mentioned these horses love stability in the mouth? Because they really do. The ultra comfy curves nicely over the tongue and has a forward lock to prevent any nutcracker action. A good option if you aren't sure on your horses preferences in bits.
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