Bitting Ponies - My top picks

Bitting Ponies - My top picks

Ponies are often left out when it comes to bits, but they need comfort too! 

Gone are the days of the trusty single jointed tom thumb, with bitting companies now offering bits made especially for ponies rather than just smaller sizes with giant rings and crazy thicknesses. 

Ponies typically have finer mouths with larger tongues and fleshy lips with not alot of room for a bit. Combine that with the natural 'pony 'tude' and the often smaller rider unable to communicate directly and it makes for a tricky ride. 

Here's my top 5 choices for bitting a pony (in no particular order!) 

1. Bombers Pony Happy Tongue 
This is a great bit for ponies with large tongues as the port offers relief to the tongue without digging into the palate. The Happy Tongue is available in a special pony size with either full cheek, loose ring or eggbutt rings to suit a range of ponies. 

2. Neue Schule Pony Verbindend
This is my pick for a stronger pony that still needs a snaffle. A pony that is heavy in the hands will benefit from the Verbindend as it encourages the lift from the shoulder. The pony Verbindend comes in a 12mm with 65mm loose rings.  

3. Bombers Pony Ultra Comfy Lock Up
This bit is ideal for a pony needing stability both in it's mouth the Lock Up removes the nut cracker action of the bit while offering stability. It is an ideal bit for those with sensitive bars. Paired with an eggbutt cheek piece that prevents pinching or the bit being pulled through the mouth. 

4. Trust Elliptical Pony Baucher 
The elliptical offering even pressure in the mouth, the baucher keeping the bit still and aiding with steering. This is a great choice for a green pony with the sweet iron also offering the encouragement of bit acceptance. 

5. Neue Schule Pony Bevel 
The bevel is suited to ponies prone to poking their nose out when the rider doesn't have the skill or strength required to have the pony working correctly. The bevel does have a mild gag action, and is not dressage legal. It is a nice step up from a snaffle however.


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