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Fager Mats Loose Ring

Fager Mats Loose Ring

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Fager Mats is a good choice if you would describe your horse as the following;

  • Can be inconsistent in the connection.
  • Fussy in the contact.
  • Stiff, yet sensitive.
  • Refuses to accept the bit or will only accept it for short periods.
  • Drops/chews on the bit, generally feeling uncomfortable.

It is here, the dressage legal version of the popular bit Claudia!

Mats is a sweet iron double-jointed bit, designed with the sensitive horse in mind. Mats offers that extra bit of everything, just when you need it!

Designed to follow the natural shape/contour of the mouth, Mats has a short centerpiece that lays flat against the tongue, eliminating any palate interference. It breaks towards the outside of the tongue, softening excessive pressure to the center of the tongue, allowing a more consistent feel across the mouth.

Using Mats for a horse with a sensitive tongue you will discover that they become more willing to accept the contact and start to enjoy their work. It's a good option for horses that can get on and off in the contact, stiff and a little bit heavy but at the same time sensitive.

Mats even suits horses whose mouth conformation has a low palate combined with a big tongue; this combination being extremely difficult to find suitable bits for.

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