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Honey Trap Hoof Putty

Honey Trap Hoof Putty

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Our renowned Hoof Putty—an innovative and naturally antibacterial hoof care solution designed to create a protective seal, preventing dirt and bacteria from entering cavities. Crafted from a well-blended combination of all-natural beeswax, Copper Sulphate, and essential oils, this acclaimed product is a staple for farriers and horse owners alike.

Key Features:

  1. Naturally Antibacterial: Hoof Putty is crafted with naturally antibacterial properties, providing a dual-action solution. It not only creates a protective seal but actively combats bacteria, making it ideal for addressing hoof abscesses, cracks, and white line disease.

  2. Protective Seal: The innovative formula of Hoof Putty creates a robust seal, effectively preventing dirt and harmful bacteria from infiltrating hoof cavities. This protective barrier supports the healing process and promotes optimal hoof health.

  3. Natural Ingredients: Crafted from a well-blended mix of all-natural beeswax, Copper Sulphate, and essential oils, Hoof Putty harnesses the power of nature to deliver effective hoof care. These ingredients are thoughtfully selected for their healing properties and antibacterial benefits.

  4. Easy Application: The user-friendly application of Hoof Putty involves warming and kneading in your hands. Simply insert the putty into cavities created by hoof abscesses, cracks, or white line disease for targeted and efficient use.

  5. Famous in New Zealand: Our Hoof Putty has gained fame across New Zealand, trusted by farriers and horse owners for its exceptional performance. Its popularity continues to grow, and the product is now available in three convenient sizes to suit different needs.

  6. Available in Three Sizes:

    • 130g Bar: Perfect for individual use and small applications.
    • 550g Glass Jar: Ideal for regular use and larger hoof care needs.
    • 1kg Bar: The largest size catering to extensive usage and frequent applications.

Usage Instructions: Warm and knead the Hoof Putty in your hands to soften it, then insert it into cavities created by hoof abscesses, cracks, or white line disease. Ensure thorough coverage for an effective and protective seal.

Transform your hoof care routine with our celebrated Hoof Putty—a naturally antibacterial solution that creates a protective seal to promote healing and maintain optimal hoof health. Join the growing number of satisfied users in New Zealand and beyond, and choose the trusted solution for your horse's hoof care needs. Available in three sizes for your convenience, our Hoof Putty is the go-to choice for effective and natural hoof care.

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