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Neue Schule Trans Angle Snaffle Trial Bit

Neue Schule Trans Angle Snaffle Trial Bit

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A Gentle Training Snaffle Bit with a little extra.

- When a contact is taken, the Tranz Angled lozenge rolls down onto the center of the tongue (the sweet spot) enhancing feel and responsiveness, leading to a higher level of communication through the rein aid.
- The arms are curved and in an oval shape, taking up less room in the mouth but with the same weight bearing surface from the horse's perspective on the lip.
- This makes this bit a great all purpose, gentle training snaffle suitable for a wide variety of purposes, and will suit a wide variety of mouth conformations.
- Dressage Legal.


To book a trial; Select the bit you would like to trial and add to cart like a normal purchase. If the bit you would like is showing as 'out of stock' this means it is already out on trial and unavailable. To be notified of its return use the 'Notify Me' box to receive and email when it is returned. 

Trial length; 14 days from date the bit is received. After which the bit must be returned CLEAN and in its bag. 
(Dates will be monitored, failure to return will be treated as theft) 

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